Eva is a Spaniard-Argentinian screenwriter focused on animation projects.


Her writing passion started when she studied at Escuela de Cine y el Audiovisual de Madrid (ECAM). Her final project, a script for an animation movie, was selected by a very important production company in Spain. 


After that, she started working as a writer in the animation series GLOB! By Animazing! Fuillerat partners. 

Since then, she writes animation series for children like CRY BABIES by Hampa Studio (Translated to nine different languages and released in several countries), is developing series for brands like WAWALAND or MUMABLUE, and works together with production company UNIKO in the development of her feature film INSEPARABLES. 

In addition, Eva tutors and supervises features films and series like THE CALL OF MISTERY, an animation series developed by Victor López, which won the award of “Best series project by a young creator” at the 3D WIRE film festival.


In her free time, she’s developing her own projects and showing in markets and festivals.


ESPAÑA - Madrid / Galicia

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires

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